Kendo Guide For Beginners

“Having Hard Time To Learn The Kendo Basic Movements, Kendo Terms, Etiquette And Manners?”

“An Inexpensive And Instantaneously Downloadable Ebook Written By A Japanese With More Than 18 Years Of Experience In Instructing Non-Japanese Kendo Enthusiasts Gives You Solutions To The Problems Non-Japanese Kendo Practitioners Suffer From”

Kendo has a lot to learn. It is overwhelming actually. You have to learn not only kendo basic movements but also kendo terms, etiquette and manners.

You have so many things to remember at the very beginning. If you are like many of kendo enthusiasts that I know of, you must be struggling and having a hard time to learn your new art. If so, I may be able to help you…

If this is the first page you arrived, you may not know about me. So let me introduce myself a little bit.


Profile Picture… My name is Hiro Imafuji.

I have been instructing kendo more than 18 years to non-Japanese kendo practitioners. I know problems that give non-Japanese kendo practitioners like yourself hard time. So I am sure that I can offer you the solutions to your problems.

The more serious you are to learn kendo, I am sure that the more you get frustrated with yourself, because you cannot improve your kendo as you think you should. But it is not your fault.Kendo is not like any other martial arts that you may have seen in the past. It is different. The movements are different from most of the martial arts. And kendō places a great value on etiquette and manners.

Simply it is overwhelming… I am sure you’ve thought in the past, you wish there was a good kendo guide book for beginners.

There is now.


Along with many pictures of the kendo basics, the detailed explanations will help you understand…

What you should or should not do when learning the basics. When learning kendō movements it is always helpful if you actually see what you have to do or not to do. And it is important for you to visualize the correct movements.

With the pictures and detailed explanations, it makes it easy for you to review what you learned at your dojo. Practicing at the dojo and home, you will improve your basics your kendo correctly and quickly.

This is a great advantage because by acquiring the good basics, you can move on to the next step easily; putting a set of armor on. With your solid basics, you will have fewer difficulties when you get a set of armor. That’s why all the kendo people tell you to learn the basics thoroughly.


Don’t You Wish You Have Them Written Down So You Know At Least How They Are Spelled?

I was born and raised in Japan and I started kendo in Japan when I was 7 years old and left for New Zealand at the age of 20. All the kendo terms are correctly spelled, so you will learn correct kendo terms. What this means is that your Japanese comprehension in kendo will improve.

If you know these kendo terms, obviously it benefits you in various ways.

  • Japanese teachers will understand your questions a lot better if you use kendo terms correctly
  • You can clearly understand what Japanese teachers are talking about in kendō practice
  • Your understanding of the kendo terms will help you learn kendo quickly

But this is not enough, right? Kendo has etiquettes and rules that you are not familiar with.

Kendo Still Carries A Lot Of Etiquette/Manners From Samurai Swordsmanship

You are expected to know and perform etiquette and manners at the dojo. So if you havebetter understandings of them, don’t you think you can perform them better?

You can learn the reasons behind the etiquette/manners in detail with the eBook. And if you learn the etiquette/manners in detail, you are also learning Japanese culture too. Even though the Japanese society is modernized, a lot of the etiquette/manners are still following the rules of the samurai era.

By knowing the etiquette and manners, you will be able to understand what’s going on at the dojo easily. And more importantly, you will NOT offend other people, especially Japanese people because of a lack of the knowledge.

The most important benefit is that you will impress Japanese teachers.

With this eBook, you can learn all you have to know at the beginning of kendo as a beginner and it makes your kendo life a lot easier.

While reading the eBook, questions may arise. You can always ask me questions you have about kendo. There are many people who have their own teacher but they still ask questions through my website. So if you have questions, you are most welcome to ask me.


This Kendo Guide for Beginners is delivered as a downloadable PDF file

What that means is that there are no shipping/handling fees. You can download the eBook right after your purchase. There is no waiting time! You can start learning right away!

Also links in the eBook are clickable. There are links to pages that have the pronunciations of the terms. So you can learn correct pronunciations. And there are links to the related videos to the topics. So as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can check and learn the correct pronunciations and movements.


“It is really designed for you to understand kendo better.”

Because it is a digital product, you can…


Carry It In Such Devices As
iPhone, iPad And Kindle

If you have an electric device that allows you to read eBooks, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go. Since it has 122 pages and will increase, it is easier to have them in such devices.
The good thing about eBooks is that you can also print out only pages you want to print out.

If you don’t know what eBooks are like and wonder if it works with your favorite device, you can always download the sample eBook. The sample eBook has 6 chapters in it so you can still learn a lot about kendo. So why not…

“Try before you Buy”

As I said, it will increase the number of pages it contains. Since I want to make it better and more useful, the eBook will be updated. When it is updated,


You Will Get Updated Versions For No Extra Charge

This is another good thing about digital products. Since the eBook does not go through the process that the normal books would go through, it does not cost to publish newer version. There is only one person who has to work to produce this eBook. Me.

So I want you to have this great advantage of the digital products and keep learning about kendo without paying again on the new versions.

And of course, you want to read it thoroughly before you decide whether or not it is for you. After you read it you don’t find it useful for you, just email me within 30 days after your purchase for a refund. You will get a full refund.

In short, it is Totally Risk Free so you have nothing to lose but gain essential knowledge of kendo.

Do you think this inexpensive Kendo Guide for Beginners eBook is helpful for you to understand better kendo terms, movements, etiquette and manners with detailed explanations and pictures?
I hope you will agree with Josh from Raleigh, North Carolina after your purchase…

“Imafuji-San’s Beginner’s Guide is an incredible contribution to Kendo.

I found it invaluable in the beginning stages of Kendo.

The guide helps to

clarify many of the important things you need to know that are not clearly explained in class.

It is the “go to” guide every student of Kendo should have!

Thanks for the great contribution!”

But this is not the end. You will get some


You will get bonus videos.

These videos are designed to help you improve your kendō learning process.

More importantly, knowing these at the beginning makes a huge difference in the future.

There videos are about techniques and concepts of kendō :

Technical aspects:

  1. Tenouchi Replication of the Late Murayama Sensei Video
  2. How to Make Tenouchi
  3. How to Get the Hang of Swinging


  1. Concept of Shu Ha Ri
  2. Why Should not You Start Kendō Right Away?

These are constantly taught by many teachers and of course I always tell my students too.


If you are serious about learning kendo, I am sure that you will find them extremely useful and beneficial

I really hope you find these useful and help you with learning kendo!
Get your copy and start understanding kendo better and improving your kendo now.


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Kendo Guide for Beginners

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